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covering of cars, car bodies, containers with sandwich panels
On request, we can cover an existing car, car body, trailer with special sandwich panels. We cover bodies of trailers, motor homes, cold storage, freezers, trucks, food outlets, small catering vehicles, on customers vehicle.
We offer production, formatting, cutting and assembling of panels.
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Undercutting roof panels
We can undercut the bottom cladding of panels
for connecting panels on the lenghts.
Standard cut of the bottom sheet: 30cm.
It is important to specify if the connection should be LEFT or RIGHT more...
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Transport of sandwich panels.
Standard trailer
(długość naczepy do 13,6m).
Domestic and international trasnport.
Prices are negotiated individually.
Up too 100km free shipment.
(Full car)
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On special request, after establishing technical capabilities we can produce non-standard panels with altered characteristics.
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Fabryka Płyt Warstwowych ABO Bogusław Bugała
factory: Mchowo 100, 06-300 Przasnysz
invoicing: Mchowo 1, 06-300 Przasnysz
województwo mazowieckie, POLAND
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tel: (+48) 29-751-34-01
fax: (+48) 29-751-34-03
Bank: Bank Pekao S.A. / Bank account No.:
EURO: (IBAN): PL59 1240 1617 1978 0010 3691 5883
PLN: (IBAN): PL39 1240 1617 1111 0010 3691 5652

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